All-in-one platform that grants
access to the venture capital for
the retail investors.
All-in-one platform that grants
access to the venture capital for
the retail investors.
IVO (Initial Venture Offering) - is a brand new type of decentralized fundraising model that grants an access to the venture capital for the retail investors.
The paramount mission for the SeedBox is to bring the revolution to the existing market of decentralized VC crowdfunding. Focusing on building a multi-format launchpad we offer a variety of decentralized and multi-chain services for our community.
How SeedBox brings the value
VC access
NFT Marketplace
Community Pool
IDO participation
Referral Program
Trade lottery
SeedBox grants the access to the venture capital for the retail investors without having a strong assets or special requirements.
We offer to you earn more SBX and interest rates can be very generous. And, the only thing you need is SBX that uses the proof-of-stake model.
We offer a safe, transparent and fair way to participate in high yielding crypto-projects at the early stage.
This feature assists protocol to keep up with the liquidity and reduce the slippage risk, which further cultivates the trading activity.
Retain earnings pool to be accessed and claimed by staking the SBX, that source the certain % of the funds that is earned by the foundation.
The smooth transactions of the NFTs 
is offering by the line of limited-edition NFTs pre-minted with exclusive functionalities and utility features.
Referral program encourages users 
to earn extra rewards in $SBX token by contributing to the community growth.
Users can swap IDO tokens on our platform; Each swap gives a chance 
to participate in a lottery for 
upcoming IDO’s.
$SBX token holders will be able to take an active part in the platforms development and vote for:
  • New projects
  • New platform features and token utilities
  • Community pool rewards distribution
Team: 15%
Marketing: 10%
Community rewards: 2%
Development: 5%
Ecosystem: 60%
Staking: 40%
Liquidity: 15%
Operations: 5%
Ticker: SBX
Total supply (hard cap): 300,000,000 SBX
TGE: 6,060,000 SBX
Initial market cap: $363,600
Tokensales: 8%
PreSeed: 2.5%
Seed: 5.5%
2023 Q2
2023 Q3
2023 Q4
2024 Q1
Rustam Avezov 
CEO & Founder 
Rustam has a bachelor's degree in Moscow International Business School "MIRBIS", which he graduated with honors.
Rustam has been successfully engaged in business in various fields for more than 23 years. He has been actively developing in IT technologies for more than 15 years. In the crypto industry since 2015.
Currently, he is the founder of the D:CODE IT-company and the Metrix Capital investment fund.

Yan Orlov 
CMO & Co-Founder
Yan has a strong 15-years experience in marketing and PR spheres. He has a Master’s degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and bacherlor degree at KIMEP - the largest North American-style University in Central Asia. 
During his career as a Marketing director he managed and promoted lots of companies and startups in the fields of finance, audit, education and crypto. 
Actively developing in the Crypto & Blockchain spheres since 2015. 
Obtained the status of qualified investor in 2021.

Artem Zaitsev 
CTO and Co-Founder 
Artem is a talented blockchain developer with 8 years of experience in IT-sphere. He is a co-owner of an outsourcing company, focused on fintech development. Takes part in the crypto projects since 2017 on positions from blockchain developer and team lead to an adviser. Artem is highly skilled in analyzing, developing and implementing the solutions in IT, blockchain and fintech.

Max Kovalev
Financial advisor of the FONTE Capital Ltd. Foundation, focused on investing in high-tech startups and cryptocurrency projects.

Maxim works on financial markets since 2008 and actively involved in crypto industry since 2016.

Has a Master's degree in Economics.

Co-Founder of NFTb
Bryan Du
Blockchain Director
Anna Dang
Head of Business Development
Olivia Nguyen
Key Account Manager
Wilfred Dam
Business Analyst
Annie Nguyen
Quality Control
Quality Control
Nguyen Thi Nguyen
Quality Control
Jesse Tran
Frontend Developer
Alan Pham
Frontend Developer
Kyle Nguyen
SC Developer
Nguyen Minh Hoang
Backend Developer
Phan Chi Hieu
Backend Developer
John Nguyen
Backend Developer
Mirzo Kadirov
Digital Marketer
Alisher Alimov
Marketing Manager
Samandar Usmanov
Eseniya Lanskaya
Content manager
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